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Daddy, will you buy me a little BIT of ICE?



In the third decade of the 21st Century, the real world is a shadow of the corporate and private struggles in the Net. Your survival there determines your survival, period, whether you're processing information or trying to liberate tit. So examine your options, fire up that cybermodem, and slot that memory chip now, because in the world of Cyberpunk

it's either run ... or be run over!


MEMO: To all sysops\\
Our prime competitor is positioned to beat us into the market if it becomes apprised of our plans. Project Indigo is nearing completion. Security integrity is critical. Maintain twenty-four-hour surveillance until further notice. USE OF BLACK ICE HAS BEEN APPROVED


In the neon citadel of Bête Noire Industries, your Mouse program has peeked into the works of a new social engineering scheme. Is the agenda just a sleazy tactic to promote sales, or another conspiracy to keep the free people of the world eating glop in the gutter? You're gonna have to stand up your buddies at the Silicon Saloon.... It's time to dust off that sentrybreaker and crack some corporate ice!


This collectible card game is set in the story of Cyberpunk2020 by R.Talsonian Games.

 Game Objective

Originally NetRunner is designed for two players: The Corporation and the Runner. But it is indeed possible to play with multiple Corps and Runners in equal amounts (4, 6, 8,.. players). See rules section.

The Corporation aims for her secret Agendas to finally reach world domination. The Runner will intrude into the Corpration's systems to steal data on those Agandas. To do so the Corporation uses security programs (ICE) and the Runner intrusion programs (IceBreaker). Besides that, both can access some other useful or painful cards.

The Game ends, as soon as one of both parties scores Agendas worth 7 Agenda points, the corporation runs out of cards or the runner is being flatlined by the corporation.

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