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Doomtrooper was developed by Bryan Winter in 1994, is a collectable card game like "Magic The Gathering" and was published by Heartbreaker in the United States and by Target Games in Europe. Doomtrooper's origin is the "Mutant Chronicles"-universe.

In this universe play:
MutantChronicles RPG, Warzone TTG, Doomtrooper CCG and Dark Eden CCG.

Doomtrooper plays in the 34th century of our dated time.

Warrior affiliations:

The five Megacorporations,
Bauhaus Capitol Cybertronic Imperial Mishima

the Brotherhood, the Dark Legion and General affiliation,
Bruderschaft Dunkle Legion Neutral

The four Tribes and the Dark Legion on Dark Eden, the earth
Crescentia Lutheranische Triaden Söhne Rasputin Templer Dunkle Legion

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